Maryland Extension Publications and Resources

The Turfgrass Technical Updates (TT-Bulletins) of the University of Maryland's Department of Natural Resource Science and Landscape Architecture are featured here. These are the most current versions of the publications.  

New/ Updated 

TT-77 Recommended Turf Cultivars For Certified Sod Production And Seed Mixtures in Maryland 2019.pdf

Turfgrass Fertility

TT-83 Gypsum Use on Turfgrass.pdf

TT-115 Fertilizer Recomendations for Comercially Maintained Lawns in Maryland.pdf

TT 116 Nutrient Management Guidelines for Turfgrass Seeding and Sod Installation.pdf

TT-118 Nutrient Management Guidelines for Golf Courses in Maryland.pdf

TT-119 Nutrient Management For Athletic Fields.pdf

Turf Seed/ Sod/ Lawn : Commercial and Residential

Establishment of Lawns With Compost and Microclover In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed.pdf

Tall Fescue Quality As Influenced By Organic and Traditional Fertilizer and Weed Control Programs.pdf

TT-49 Broadleaf Weed Control In Established Lawns.pdf

TT-63 General Guidelines For Lawn Maintenance In Maryland.pdf

TT-67 Caring For The Newly Seeded Lawn.pdf

TT-69 Planting And Care of A Zoysiagrass Lawn.pdf

TT-115 Fertilizer Recommendations for Commercially Maintained Lawns in Maryland.pdf

TT-121 Microclover _ Tall Fescue Lawns in the Mid-Atlantic.pdf

TT-120 Amending Soil With Compost to Reduce Stormwater Runoff and Lawn Fertilizer Use.pdf

TT-77 Recommended Turf Cultivars For Certified Sod Production And Seed Mixtures in Maryland 2019.pdf

Turfgrass Diseases

TT-3 Collecting And Shipping Turfgrass Samples.pdf

TT-10 Bacterial Wilt, Xanthomonas campestris.pdf

TT-14 Deadspot Disease of Creeping Bentgrass.pdf

TT-15 Identification and Management of Brown Patch Disease.pdf

TT-16 Dollar Spot Disease of Turfgrasses.pdf

TT-18 Summer Patch Disease of Lawn Grasses.pdf

TT-23 Fairy Rings And Their Control in Turf Areas.pdf

TT-24 Red Thread And Pink Patch Disease of Turfgrass.pdf

TT-32 Diagnosing Common Lawn And Athletic Field Diseases.pdf

TT-38 Maryland Turfgrass Disease Control Recomendations.pdf

Turfgrass Insects

TT-52 Biology And Management of The Annual Bluegrass Weevil.pdf

Turfgrass Weeds

TT-43 Herbicides For Crabgrass And Goosegrass Control In Turf.pdf

TT-46 Perennial Grass Weeds And Their Control In Cool-Season Turf.pdf

TT-49 Broadleaf Weed Control In Established Lawns.pdf

General Topics And Reports

TT-68 Establishing And Maintaining Fescues For Low Maintenance Sites.pdf

TT-70 Establishing And Maintaining Ornamental Flower Meadows For Low Maintenance Sites



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